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Startup Booster 2.0

Start your day with the right gear with Startup Booster

Are you looking to boost your PC? Follow Startup Booster’s four steps to increase both performance and stability. View full description


  • Easy step-by-step wizard to follow


  • Doesn’t automatically boost the BIOS section

Very good

Are you looking to boost your PC? Follow Startup Booster’s four steps to increase both performance and stability.

The first step is called Startup list. It deletes what you don’t want your computer to load when initiating the Operating System. The second phase aims to tweak registry in order to speeds up PC loading. The application recommends what to check or uncheck, just follow the instructions and press the ‘apply’ button when finished. The Windows Registry function follows.

The regular use of a computer makes its registry fragmented and cluttered with obsolete and invalid data. Start by scanning the system, as the program doesn’t do it automatically, and then press ‘clean’ to delete old and invalid entries.

Last but not least for importance, the Bios section. It provides a list of devices your computer initiates on start up, but you can’t actually check or uncheck them from Windows. What you can do is print out the instructions to manually uncheck entries in the BIOS by pressing ESC at the initial booting of your PC.

There are different pieces of software to improve your computer performances and each one may be perfect for one specific tweaking. The advantage of Startup Booster though is to be an all in one tool which can improve different aspects of your PC.

Startup Booster consists of a wizard tool to tweak the Windows registry and clean up information your computer doesn’t need anymore. It also lets you decide what you want to load when Windows starts, so you don’t have to wait too much when switching it on.

Your PC started loading slower? There is a simple and effective solution - Startup Booster! A lot of programs are loaded into the memory of your PC at startup, which noticeably lowers its performance. Some of the programs are system ones necessary for normal functioning, and the rest of them can be easily removed from the startup list. Startup Booster classifies all of your programs that are executed at startup as system programs, suspicious applications that can be viruses and the programs that are not necessary for startup. It happens very often that the applications that can be executed when needed, form part of the startup list wasting hardware resources after each startup. Startup Booster will help you to remove programs from startup list or to add them there!

Configure Windows to maximum by simple tweaks – we recommend which options are to be activated or disactivated.

Clean up the registry of outdated data or wrong values.

Finally print the instruction on how to configure BIOS and make your PC start maximum fast!